Insurance Claims



Colorado’s weather can be harsh, claims don’t have to be.

Having a contractor with experience working with insurance companies matters! 

Affected by the Colorado Weather?

Our trained Restoration Specialists know how to navigate the claim process and work with your insurance company, not against them. We want to keep your project running smoothly, but most importantly, to get your property restored entirely and correctly! Insurance adjusters can miss damages or necessary items for proper repairs. We take the time to get those critical and overlooked items added to the claim at no additional cost to you! Colorado’s weather can be harsh, claims don’t have to be. Contact us for a free inspection and ask about our painless claim restoration process! Prompt and reliable service is only a phone call away.

Not Your Average Contractor

Hit by large hail or high winds? We can help!


No one likes surprises, and there can be a lot of them with the wrong contractor. Our trained Restoration Specialists will review everything with you before starting, so you know what to expect. Our goal is to make you knowledgeable and comfortable every step of the way!

Start To Finish

Most of us have enough on our plates. That’s why we keep you informed and handle everything for you, from the initial inspection to full completion. We can coordinate directly with your insurance company, so you don’t have to!

Quality And Service

We have come a long way from the yellow legal pad and paper piles. Our digital systems have step-by-step processes to keep your project on track. It will also double-check for human error. Rest assured, you found the right contractor!


Dealing with insurance claims can be daunting. Above and Beyond Restoration specializes in handling insurance claims. We minimize the legwork, so you have very little to do. We will make sure nothing is missed, coordinate all the proper repairs, and get all the claim funds released to you.

Full Claim Management:

Provide a free detailed inspection report to determine if you should file a claim

Walk you through the claim process step by step

We'll meet with your insurance adjuster

Work directly with the insurance company and for their approved claim allowance

Ensure all city code requirements will be met in your claim

Supplement any missed items or damages overlooked by your adjuster.

Manage and coordinate all the proper repairs to your home to make you whole again.

Help you collect any withheld recoverable depreciation

For more information reach out to set up a free Inspection and get a free information packet.
Derek Arosemena
Derek Arosemena
What an amazing experience! From start to finish, Above & Beyond Restoration did an excellent job. They totally handled the insurance company, got things approved and did amazing work on my home! I highly recommend using Above & Beyond Restoration.
Dr. Tim Zittle
Dr. Tim Zittle
I trust Michael and the Above and Beyond team implicitly. You will not find a more caring and excellent group to take care of any remodeling/storm damage needs you'll have! They are professional and dependable- along with having amazing relationships with insurance companies to make sure you get the best reimbursement possible! You can't go wrong using Above and Beyond. You will be satisfied with your experience with them- I guarantee it.
Jeffrey Brickman
Jeffrey Brickman
Excellent work at a reasonable price, performed roof and gutter repair on our home.
ashwin bhavikatti
ashwin bhavikatti
We had a very good experience with Michael Emsbach. We learnt about Michael via word of mouth and boy, was his work GOOD!! I highly recommend you work with Michael on your next roofing project. You will be happy!
David Townsend
David Townsend
I got a few bids on the repair work for my cement tile roof. Michael was highly competitive and I knew I could trust him. Well I was right. Once he was on the job he realized he grossly underbid my job. There was far more work involved than he thought. Instead of doing what 90% of other contractors would do, he never changed the price AND he did even more than expected. This guy and his team worked their tales off and made sure everything was done with excellence. When finished, he even cleaned my roof and surrounding areas so well they hadn’t ever looked better. Michael has earned my loyalty and business from here on out.
Gideon KCC
Gideon KCC
My wife and I hired Above and Beyond Restoration to fix our Gutters-and Michael and his crew did not disappoint. His pricing and estimates were timely and beyond competitive, and the work was professional done. I highly recommend Above & Beyond Restoration..... They Rock!!!!!!
Bob Lamb
Bob Lamb
Michael was great having him as my general contractor following hail damage from last summer. I needed a new roof, gutters, fence stain, house repainted, and all of the associated issues with all of the hail damage. Michael got his right people on the various jobs and I’m very happy with the outcome. I did not have to organize anything. He did it all including working with my insurance company to ensure that everything damaged was taken care of. Thanks Michael.
BTDT Denver South
BTDT Denver South
We had a driver accidentally damage a client's gutters. We called several companies to get the gutters fixed and NONE of them responded. Michael called me back immediately. Got the gutters fixed within a timely manner. The homeowner IS VERY HAPPY! The homeowner was beyond happy with the finish work. Definitely will use Above and Beyond Restoration again if needed.
Darla Rae
Darla Rae
You cant ask for a more professional and hard working team to handle your roofing needs, whether big or small. They did an impeccable job!

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